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The Institute of Dental Business is a unique refreshing approach to Dental practice management.

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  • Dental supply companies

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Dipesh Patel, Dentist Bolton

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About the Institute of Dental Business

Today Jane is an international business coach and trainer working with clients in 57 market sectors. A former dental practice owner, she has a passion for working with other dentists. Jane works with clients all over UK, Eire, Europe and as far away as Australia.

It wasn’t always that way, Jane focused on her patients, and discovered someone was embezzling money, in that moment , realised she knew how to deliver great dentistry and not how to run a business.

It wasn’t until working with her first coach, attending business seminars and reading business books, she found she could earn a great income, have the time and energy to run a successful business, deliver great dentistry and live a fulfilling life.

Now Jane works with dental teams, entrepreneurs and individuals, like you, showing them how they too can have the time, money and energy to live balanced fulfilling lives.

Jane keeps in touch with dentists through her roles as Chair and meetings co-ordinator for the Oxford BDA and as UK clinical director and Trustee for Dentaid. Jane also keeps her fingers wet by working a few days a month clinically and working as an oversees volunteer for Dentaid and a UK volunteer for Crisis.

Jane's hobbies and interests include; horse riding, cooking, yoga, running,reading, learning, travel.

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"Jane is brilliant. Mad but magic"
Lisa Tomlinson, Practice Manager, Sawbridgeworh

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Introduction on how to run a successful dental practice

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"I was living my life with a heavy burden of a manager that treated me badly in the past. It was just a constantly being relived in my head. In the coaching by Jane, she helped me with a forgiveness process in which I had to let go all the expectations I had towards this man. It felt like a relief. Jane really guided me with a loving and strong feeling. The remarkable thing is, that in a few weeks time, I met him on several occasions, and had really friendly talks with him. Just as if he had also made a step. I would strongly suggest you to visit Jane for any work or health question you have; she will help you on your path."

Bart Verhaagen, Managing Director, The Crux, Netherlands

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